Proud of Sri Lanka. A Country Like No Other


Greener Vacations is the new Brand for the long established Family based and owned business Greenline Tours which commenced operation way back in 2006. Spearheaded by Laksiri Fernando who has been a Tour Guide for many years is fondly called as LUCKY by many of his former Clients, who have been Driven a considerable number of Tourists around the country by himself, and has made long lasting Friendships and Trust with many people from many regions of the world. Their recommendations and references resulted in starting up this venture, and his son who followed up his fathers footsteps and has grown in to a highly talented and sought after Guide. Together they have more than 15 years of experience in most aspects of this Travel & Tourism field and Still active in Guiding and share a wealth of Knowledge about Sri Lanka, Its Rich Heritage, Vibrant Culture, Diverse Regions with changing Landscapes & Climates, The Unspoiled Beautiful Locations and Scenery, Full of lush vegetation &  Greenery, Abundant Wildlife, with Sandy Beaches all around and much more to Surprise you in a Unique Country, like no Other. 


Our ambition is to grow in a Sustainable pace, while offering every traveler a Unique unforgettable experience par excellence, with every aspect in Safety & Comfort assured, with practical Itineraries Taylor made to Suit each ones requirements, personalized to the very last detail, as each & Every visitor is Special to us. We are passionately committed to  convert every valued Visitor to be an ambassador of Sri Lanka and a lifelong friend who would want to come back. 


Our Vision is definitely not to become one of the Huge Inbound Travel companies or to be among the Highest awarded Destination Management Organization but rather to be the same Family Oriented Business that stays within the manageable propositions that could Deliver the Discerning Travelers in the most Personalized Manner. We look forward to meet & Greet every Client on arrival, Oversee every thing while on Tour, and say good Buy on Departure.