Proud of Sri Lanka. A Country Like No Other

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Overview of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is truly an Island Paradise, Lined with Unspoiled sandy Beaches and Turquoise Blue waters. The Indian Ocean Surrounding is Rich with Marine Life and Famous Live Coral Reefs. The Deep Seas off Mirissa, Kalpitiya and Trincomalee are Home to Marine Giants Such as the Blue Whales, The Largest living Mammals on the Planet, and Seven  other species of Whales. Sri Lanka Boasts of its  2500 Year History, its Rich Culture and Heritage along with an Amazing Variety of Tropical Wildlife that Includes Leopards, Elephants, Sloth Bear, Crocodiles and Monkeys safe in 14 National Parks. With Eight UNESCO Declared World Heritage sites, The Island, Still maintaining one of the Lowest carbon Footprints in the Region is also regarded as a Bio Diversity Hotspot where more than 400 Different Migratory, Resident and Endemic Birds could be seen, and Abundant of Colorful Butterflies, Reptiles, Amphibians , Freshwater Inland fish. and  a Huge Variety of Trees and plants found nowhere else in the World. Blessed with Clean Natural Water Springs, Emerging from more than 2300 Meter high Central Mountain Range Creating many Mesmerizing Cascading Waterfalls that Joins in to Rivers running through the Interior linking up with many Man made Lakes, Tanks & Reservoirs, feeding the Coastal Lagoons and Mangroves, Just before flowing in to the Sea. Sri Lanka Comprises of a wide range of Brilliantly Picturesque Landscapes and Scenery and Natural Habitats which can be compared with much larger Countries & Continents.

When to Travel

Sun Shines brightly Throughout the year with two Monsoon seasons bring in rain to different parts of the Country. The North East Monsoon runs from late October to Mid January and the Top Half Experiences Rains. The South West which spans from April to Late June brings Downpours to the South Western and the Hill Country Regions. But there are more Sunny Days even during the rainy Season and Sri Lanka is Considered as a Year round Holiday Destination. 

Friendly Smiling Sri Lankans

The Real Treasure of Sri Lanka are its Smiling People hailing from a Rich Multi Cultural and Multi Religious Society, Calm, Caring and Compassionate Probably Because of the Influence of Buddhism. The Warm Hospitality and Friendly Nature of Sri Lankan&s will make  anyone feel Welcome. Get to Know People of this Land, Their Ways of Life and Their Amazing Stories.

Normal Temperature

Located just North of the Equator, Sri Lanka Enjoys a tropical climate Year Round, With Average Temperatures Ranging between 21&C/81&F to 32&C/90&F in Lowlands and Coastal areas and occasionally could witness +2&C increase in Dry & Arid Zones. The Hill Country and Surroundings are Cooler with Temperature Range of 12&C/54"F to 25"C/77&F and possibly drop down much further in he Nights. 

Sri Lankan Cuisine

Sri Lanka once Known as Ceylon is a rich melting pot of Cuisines. All nationalities that Visited and traded, the Indians, Arabs, Moors, Malays, Portuguese, The Dutch, & English, has left their Mark.Thanks to Sri Lanka&s Tropical Climate, Fresh Fruit, Vegetables and Spices are grown in abundance and comes with a better Taste and Aroma.While Rice being the staple food there is a huge Range of Meat Based, Vegetables, Leaves & Salads,Pickles and the Favorite Papadam. A banquet or a Buffet Spread is Incredibly Colorful with Curries from Yellow(Mild) to Deep Brown(Red Hot), The Vibrant Greens of the Veggies and Bright shades of Sambol & Chutneys, The Traditional Dessert "Curd & Honey" is also a Must.